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Toronto Downtown Condos Average Price April


Yonge Sheppard Condos North York
Yonge Sheppard Condos North York


Toronto Downtown Condos Average Price April

It has been a wet Spring so far this year but the Downtown Toronto Condos market continues to heat up.

Condos in downtown Toronto in the two biggest downtown districts C01, and C08 trended higher in April

The average Toronto Condominium price increased by $16,284 in the second largest Toronto downtown District, C02 up by 4.8 per cent.

We were expecting The Toronto downtown area C01 to trend higher in April however as the biggest Condo sales district it was not off by much with just a -1.0 per cent decrease.

Toronto Downtown Condos Average Price April 2013
DistrictAverage Price 2012Average Price 2013DifferencePercentage

The average price for Toronto Condos is made up of several different statistics:

  • Size of the Toronto Real Estate District
  • Number of Condos sold (the more the better for an average resale price)
  • Number of new Condos just entering the market
  • High end luxury Hotel/Condo properties coming on the market
  • Condo project specific- a project with say just boutique Condos at a lower price
  • Time of year, usually Spring market!
  • Any many more specifics..
Pictured above Yonge Sheppard Condos For Sale,Rent.

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